What are the benefits of Payroll in Türkiye ?

Payroll in Türkiye is a form of professional status very popular for expatriates in Turkey. It is halfway between the traditional employee and the self-employed worker. If you want to set up your own business in Turkey, arrange your working hours as you see fit, while enjoying the social and legal benefits of an employee, this full-fledged form of employment may be for you. .

Let’s decipher without delay the main advantages of Payroll in Türkiye in the following.

A more flexible and independent way of working

The main advantage of Payroll in Türkiye is that it offers an autonomous and independent work status. In other words, a carried employee is free to choose the scope of his services, his working hours, the missions to be carried out and even his price list. Unlike a self-employed person, this status offers social protection provided by the company that employs him.

A solution to benefit from a flexible schedule

By adopting the status of carried employee, you become in a way your own boss. You will be free to choose your clients and missions, in order to organize your schedule as you see fit. This will allow you to organize your work in a flexible way, in order to avoid overwork and above all to keep a place in your schedule to have a social life.

Significant legal certainty

The legal security of any worker carrying out his activity as a salaried employee is ensured.

Simplified administrative management

The fear of expatriates in Turkey is the administrative paperwork in a country they do not know. This most often requires time and effort and is, in most cases, a source of hassle.

Good news, as an employee brought to Turkey, you can count on the local company that employs you to take care of everything related to the administrative management of your activity for you. We are talking here:

  • Procedures related to the creation of your legal form
  • Accounting follow-up
  • tax returns

By taking advantage of simplified administrative management, you will have more time to devote yourself to the essentials, which is to develop your business.

Social protection and unemployment insurance

The status of salaried worker offers similar benefits to a salaried worker in a company, we are talking about:

  • Complementary Health ;
  • Health Insurance ;
  • retirement provision;
  • unemployment insurance.

Even if a supported employee undertakes his missions freely and independently, he can count on the coverage of the companies that employ him in terms of social protection (SGK). This allows employees to make big savings, by avoiding paying the charges related to social security themselves. In addition, the company specializing in Payroll in Türkiye, which employs a carried employee, provides him with professional civil liability insurance during the performance of his mission. This coverage clears the worker in question of the risks borne by the company.

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