Compassionate leave in Turkey

Article 2 of the Labour Law No. 4857 regulates the excuse leave institution. Upon the realization of the following conditions, employers are required to grant paid compassionate leave in Turkey to employees for the specified periods.

Reason of leaveDuration
Marriage3 days
Adoption3 days
Death of mother or father3 days
Death of child3 days
Death of the wife 3 days
Death of brother3 days
Wife giving birth5 days
Child to be illĀ 10 days

In order to grant paid leave in case the child mentioned in the last row of the table above is ill;

  • The sick child has at least 70% disability or chronic illness,
  • The request for leave is related to the treatment,
  • Documentation of the condition with a sickness report
  • In the event that both spouses work, paid compassionate leave in Turkey will be granted provided that it is used by only one of the parents and this leave will be granted
  • It will be up to 10 days in whole or in parts within a year.

Accordingly, if one of these conditions is not met, it is not possible for the employee to use compassionate leave in Turkey based on this article due to the illness of his/her child. For example, if one of the mother or father is not working or if the reason for leave is not for treatment but for the care of the child, the employer is not obliged to meet the leave request according to this article.

Additionally, these compassionate leave in Turkey periods will be taken into account as if they were worked in the calculation of the periods to be entitled to week holidays and annual leave in accordance with Articles 46 and 55 of the law.

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