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Here are the questions that are often asked about the actions of the employer in Turkey.

Can workers be employed for probationary period or for any other reason without an insurance notification?

It is essential to make insurance notifications and pay the necessary insurance premiums as long as the employees work as of the date of employment. A worker cannot be employed without an insurance notification due to the fact that a probationary period is regulated in the employment contract or for any other reason. In cases where insurance notifications are not made or in case of missing notifications, it is necessary to apply to the Social Security Provincial Directorate/Social Security Center.

When should the workplace declaration be submitted?

For a workplace where workers are started to be employed, a workplace declaration form and necessary documents must be submitted at the latest on the date the insured is started to be employed. The employer in Turkey, who takes over a workplace with an insured employee, has to submit a workplace notification no later than the 10th day from the date of transfer. For workplaces transferred from the province they are located to another province, a workplace declaration must be submitted within 10 days. In workplace transfers within the same province, there is no need to submit a workplace notification, only a change of address notification is sufficient.

How many days must the insurance period be at least for temporary incapacity to work in a work accident?

Temporary incapacity allowance is given within the framework of the principles determined in the absence of the insured due to health reasons. Even if the insured has suffered an accident on the first day of his insurance, he will be given temporary incapacity allowance. There is no premium day limit for entitlement to temporary incapacity allowance in occupational accidents.

How many days should premium be paid for a fully working insured in February?

In terms of social insurance legislation, months are considered as 30 days, regardless of how many days they last (28, 29, 30, 31). For an insured who does not have any missing work in any month, insurance notification is made over 30 days, regardless of how many days the relevant month lasts. This is also true for February. On the other hand; The number of premium days of the insured who has under-worked in the relevant month is determined by looking at the number of days worked. For example; An insured who has a “3” day report in February will have worked 25 days (for 2010) since February lasts 28 days.

Can an employee who quit his job due to retirement work in the same workplace?

The insured, who meets the conditions required by the Social Security legislation, can benefit from retirement rights. In this context, the insured who has obtained the right to retirement can terminate the employment contract due to retirement and receive the severance pay required by the working period. In order to benefit from this right; It is necessary to apply for retirement to the Social Security Provincial Directorate/Social Security Center, to which the employee is affiliated, and to terminate the employment contract with a letter showing that the right to pension has been obtained and severance pay can be paid. After retirement, he can work in the same workplace or in another workplace. This work can take place in two ways. The first one is to work by paying social security support premium and the second is to work by deduction of a pension subject to all insurance branches.

In which case should the SSI Dismissal Notification be made?

Starting from 01.10.2008, the termination of the insurance of the employees in Turkey must be notified to the Social Security Institution. As of 01.08.2009, if this notification is not made within 10 days from the end of the insurance, an administrative fine is applied. In this context; In the event that the employees leave the job (by specifying the reason for leaving the job), it is important that the insured dismissal notification is made within this period.

Is he entitled to severance pay if he leaves the job voluntarily by completing the insurance period outside the age and the number of premium payment days in order to receive an old-age pension?

In order to receive the old-age pension stipulated in the Law No. 5510, he/she is entitled to severance pay if he/she leaves the job voluntarily by completing the insurance period outside the age and the number of premium payment days. Because, in Article 14 of the Labor Law No. 1475, it is stated that severance pay will be paid to those who voluntarily quit their job after completing the insurance period outside the age and the number of premium payment days in order to receive an old-age pension.

Is it necessary to submit workplace opening notifications to the Ministry of Labor?

Workplace opening notifications are given only to the relevant Provincial Social Security Directorate/Social Security Center as of 01.08.2009.

How are the daily earnings and premiums of unpaid employees calculated?

The daily earnings of the insured who work for free are calculated over one thirtieth of the minimum wage. All premiums of the insured in this situation are paid by their employers.

How are the insured persons employed by the subcontractor reported to SSI?

The sub-employer shall notify the insured persons employed by the principal employer in Turkey at the workplace with a special number to be obtained from the SSI, provided that the contract they have made with the employer is submitted, from the file in which the principal employer is registered.

I work in an accounting office. Do we have to report the 1 or 2 day reports of the workers working with the taxpayers to SSI?

Since temporary incapacity income is not paid for the first two days in case of illness, 2-day reports do not have to be reported to SSI. However, in the event of an occupational accident, since the report of the occupational accident is required, these must be reported to the SGK together with the reports.

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