Granting new job search in Turkey permission

Granting new job search permission in case of employment contract termination in Turkey

In the case of termination according to Article 17, the employee must be given a new job search leave in accordance with Article 27 of the Law. The following points should be taken into consideration when granting new job search leave:

  • New job search in Turkey leave shall be granted within the notice period (notice period).
  • New job search in Turkey leave shall be used during working hours.
  • No wage deduction can be made for this leave.
  • This leave cannot be less than two hours a day.
  • If the employee wishes, it is possible to use the new job search leave by combining them. However, for this purpose, he/she must coincide the period of leave to be used collectively with the days before leaving the job and notify the employer of the situation.
  • If the new job search leave is not given by the employer or if it is used incompletely, the wage for that period will have to be paid to the employee separately.
  • If the employee is employed during the job-seeking leave, in addition to the wage that the employee will receive without any work by using the leave, the wage for the period of work will have to be paid to the employee with a 100% increase.

In Turkey, the labor law does not provide hours for job search during a notice of dismissal.

A collective agreement, a collective agreement or a practice in the company can allow the employee to benefit from a certain number of hours of absence to find a new job.

The conditions of use and the remuneration of these hours must be provided for by a collective agreement, a collective agreement, a custom or negotiated directly with the employer.

In the absence of provisions providing for hours of job search, the employee cannot be absent from the company to look for a new job during the period of his notice.

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