Hunza Turks: the secret of a people who can live to be 145 years old

Hunza Turks : Scientists are on the hunt for those Turks who have unique characteristics in the world.

The Hunza Turks come from the Hun Turkic dynasty. In the valley of the Hunza River, at more than 2,400 meters above sea level, between India and Pakistan, there is a place called “the oasis of youth”, inhabited by the Hunza people.

The Hunza Turks who are Muslims, live on average between 110 and 120 years. For this population, 65 is only halfway through life.

Women become mothers at 65-70. And people who die at 100 are considered to have died young.

Moreover, there is no case of cancer among this people. Not only are they spared from cancer, but also from other common diseases.

This longevity of life prompted scientists to launch research.

The cause, according to scientists, is that these people live in a region with a high concentration of oxygen, at more than 6,000m above sea level, that they drink natural fresh water and only eat cultivated fruits and vegetables. by themselves.

A specialist of the Hunzas, Ralph Bircher, in his book “Hunza Turks: a people who ignore the disease”, synthesized an important amount of information on the diet of this people:

– They are vegetarians, or almost
– They consume a large amount of raw food
– Their diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables
– Their products are totally natural
– They do not drink alcohol and do not consume sugar
– Their salt consumption is very moderate
– They regularly practice fasting.

Doctor McCarrison, British, listed the diseases from which they were exempt: “cancer, gastric ulcer, appendicitis, colic, no sensitivity of the abdomen to nerve impressions, fatigue, anxiety, cold “.

Dr. Tobe, German, completed this list and had found “no cases of gallstones or kidney stones, coronary heart disease, hypertension, valve damage, mental retardation, polio, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and thyroid failure”. Nor has he ever met a disabled person in the villages visited.

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