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Sangfor Technologies has announced the opening of its new office in Turkey. The move responds to the growing demand for next-generation cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions and services in West Asia and Southeastern Europe. Sangfor plans to expand its business in Turkey by establishing a new office in this region, where Sangfor will help local organizations realize their digital transformation visions. At the same time, it is also about giving Sangfor the opportunity to expand its service areas. The office will be located in Istanbul, Turkey, and will cover several areas, including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. Current Sangfor clients in the region include Kalyon Günes Teknolojileri Üretim Anonim Sirketi, Istanbul Lojistik, Ultralab, Kadraj, Sinovac and Demtas, to whom Sangfor provides services ranging from cybersecurity to cloud infrastructure. The Turkish office will be Sangfor’s 13th international office, making it one of many offices dedicated to delivering Sangfor’s missions around digital transformation.

Sangfor Technologies Inc. is the world’s leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions. The group offers cloud computing, security and network optimization systems (including hyperconverged infrastructures, virtual desktop infrastructures, next-generation firewalls, Internet access management and WAN and SD-optimization solutions). WAN).

Net sales break down by market between governments and public institutions (54.2%), businesses (34.3%) and other (11.5%; primarily financial institutions).

97.2% of sales are made in China.

Number of employees: 9,124 people.

It should be noted, however, that the company announced last June the implementation of the final profit distribution plan for 2021 (A shares) in the form of a cash dividend (including tax) of 0.70000000 CNY per 10 actions for the year 2021.

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