Hair transplant in Turkey: why make this choice?

Why make the choice of hair transplant in Turkey ? Today, hair loss is an almost taboo subject. And yet the prevalence of this disease in the world population would make it a public health problem if it had severe direct deleterious effects on the body. But while the impact of alopecia on physical health is hardly alarming, its effects on mental health and quality of life are devastating. Fortunately, medical advances have made it possible to develop many treatments such as hair transplantation, which provides a lasting and definitive solution. However, it is a surgical act requiring special conditions of execution for the problem to be effectively resolved.

According to recent studies on the subject, approximately 42% of men (over the age of 18) have moderate to extensive hair loss (type III or more). The same studies show that this risk increases with age in the following proportions: 16% in men aged 18 to 29 and 53% in those between 40 and 49 years old. In addition, 12% of men experience predominantly frontal baldness (type A variant).

Several million people around the world suffer from it. And for many of them, this event spells the end of self-confidence and a fulfilling social life. Most men experience baldness as a loss of virility. In the most extreme cases, it can even lead to a complete loss of self-esteem, or even depression.

To combat the pangs of hair loss, Turkey has become the world center of hair transplantation.

Why is hair falling out?

In most cases (95%), alopecia in men is hereditary and has its source from a hormonal imbalance. A dysfunction in which androgens and the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme are involved. This is also the reason why Minoxidil, one of the main drug treatments for hair loss, is an inhibitor of this enzyme. That said, the only two effective molecules that exist to fight hair loss (Minoxidil and Finasteride) only slow down the process and cause many unwanted side effects (erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, depression, dizziness, fatigue, impaired health). sperm quality…). Worse, as soon as the treatment is stopped, hair loss begins again.

In such a context, hair transplantation is a beneficial solution which makes it possible to counter the hair loss process while returning the hair to its original plume. It is moreover the only treatment which, to date, makes it possible to definitively solve the problem.

But if the fall is of hormonal origin, why does the hair not fall out after the transplant?

The answer is very simple: studies have found that only the hair on the front part and the top of the scalp is hypersensitive to this hormonal shock. The whole point of hair implantation therefore lies in the fact of transplanting instead of fallen hair, grafts which will perfectly resist the action of hormones. Said hair is located in the hippocratic belt (at the temples and at the back of the head).

Why do a hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves removing healthy grafts (hair follicles) from a donor area and then implanting them in the recipient area.

The extraction of follicles can indeed be done in several ways, the most effective today are the FUE and DHI methods. And in this regard, the European clinics have, without a doubt, very good technical platforms. But Turkey is supplanting the rest of Europe for several good reasons. The first point making this country the most important figurehead in the world of hair transplantation is undoubtedly the concentration of specialized clinics there.

Hair transplantation is classified among the most delicate cosmetic surgery operations and is almost like an art that can only be acquired through diligent practice.

The problem lies in the expertise of said surgeon. In Europe, most cosmetic surgeons deal with various acts such as breast augmentation or reduction, the placement of buttock implants, etc. As a result, it is quite rare to find surgeons specializing exclusively in hair implantation.

What prices for a hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplantation in Turkey benefits from a legal and economic framework allowing everyone to benefit from the best value for money currently available on the international market. The highest density of clinics exclusively specialized in hair transplantation is located in Istanbul in Turkey. In addition, most of them are equipped with state-of-the-art technical platforms. This is one of the reasons why the majority of European surgeons go there for expertise and further training.

In addition, the sector benefits from a real government policy for research and development related to hair transplants.

Patients who choose a premium hair transplant clinic in Istanbul can thus benefit from care worthy of Swiss or Hollywood clinics, at a cost 3 to 4 times lower than in France.

The price difference indeed lies in the pricing system applied.

In most European clinics, the procedure is billed according to the number of grafts. So the more it will be necessary to withdraw, the more your bill will be important. In Turkey, on the other hand, the operation is invoiced according to a package system which does not take this variable into account and thus avoids unpleasant surprises.

What level of quality for the service?

Like Silicon Valley with digital, Turkey is the global hub for hair implants. The country is indeed at the forefront of the main advances in the field. Premium clinics such as Cosmedica therefore operate on the basis of the best FUE hair transplant techniques. The DHI technique in this case is the specialty of this clinic which uses it in its most recent form: DHI Sapphire. This is an operative process involving a sapphire blade for a graft survival rate of over 99%.

In addition, postoperative healing is extremely rapid and without visible traces. This technique is also the favorite of Dr Levent Acar, one of the most decorated practitioners in the country and internationally.

As is often the case in premium hair transplant clinics in Turkey, the coverage begins with an often free consultation. At the Cosmedica clinic, it is Dr Acar himself who takes care of this during an interview with each patient. Everyone can thus receive the opinion of the specialist and a completely free diagnosis of their hair loss.

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