Is it easy to recruit staff in Turkey?

Are you looking to recruit staff in Turkey ? If the newly established company in Turkey wishes to recruit foreign personnel, the procedure can only be carried out in the situation where foreign employees receive a work permit, issued by the Turkish authorities. There are two ways to obtain a work permit for foreign employees: from the Ministry of Labor and in the country of residence of the foreign worker through Turkish embassies or consulates. The documents needed for the Turkish Consulate or Embassy are as follows:

  • The applicant’s passport which must be within its validity period;
  • An application for a work visa which will be given to the applicant at that time;
  • A recent photo ID; and a copy of the employment contract – the future employer must send the copy;
  • A mission letter, which confirms the appointment of the future employee.

In the situation where a company hires a foreign employee, the Turkish employer must submit an online application and the following documents to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security:

  • Application for work permit standard letter;
  • Application form for foreign personnel;
  • A review;
  • Latest profit/loss statement.

The online application must be submitted within a maximum of ten working days to the Turkish consulate after the foreign employee has applied for the position. Foreign employees can be hired in Turkey under the Regulations on Employment of Foreign Nationals in Foreign Direct Investments. Foreign direct investment refers to companies established in Turkey or a branch of a foreign company; under Law No. 4875, a company established in Turkey can hire foreign staff provided that the foreign shareholders hold a minimum of TRY 1,062,691 of the company’s capital. Our Turkish law firm can provide you with further information on the provisions put in place by this law. Residents must complete an online application with the ministry. The decision to grant the work permit is made within a maximum period of one month.

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