Obtaining health reports in Turkey

According to the second paragraph of Article 15 titled “health “surveillance” of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, those who will work in workplaces in Turkey classified as dangerous and very dangerous will not be able to start work without health reports stating that they are suitable for the work they will do.

It is essential that the health reports in Turkey required under the law are obtained from the workplace physician in charge of the workplace health and safety unit or the joint health and safety unit. Objections to the health reports will be made to the referee hospitals determined by the Ministry of Health and the decisions to be made on these objections will be final.

On the other hand, the costs arising from health surveillance and any additional costs arising from this surveillance should be covered by the employer and this cost should not be reflected to the employee, and health information should be kept confidential in order to protect the private life and reputation of the employee who has a health examination.

According to the same provision of the law, regardless of the nature of the work or workplace, employees must be examined at regular intervals determined by the Ministry according to the nature of the employee and the work and the hazard class of the workplace, upon request and during the continuation of the work, upon their return to work after repeated absences from work due to work accidents, occupational diseases or health reasons.

Similarly, according to the Regulation on the Health Conditions of Private Security Officers issued on the basis of Article 10 of the Law No. 5188 on Private Security Services, the health conditions of candidates and private security officers who apply to be private security officers Generally must comply with the requirements of the profession. According to the aforementioned Regulation, these health reports in Turkey must be obtained and renewed both before receiving training before candidacy and during the duty period. Otherwise, in other words, without a favorable medical board report, either the person’s candidacy as a private security officer is not accepted or he/she is not allowed to work as a private security officer.

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