Preparation of worker personnel file and permits to be obtained in Turkey

Preparation of worker personnel file in Turkey

Article 75 of the Labour Law No. 4857 stipulates that employers shall prepare a personnel file for each worker in Turkey, keep the identity information of the employee in this file, as well as all kinds of documents and records that they are obliged to issue in accordance with this law and other laws, and show them to the competent officers and authorities when requested, use this information in accordance with the rules of honesty and not disclose information that may be in the interest of the employee to remain confidential, and there is no clear information about what these documents and records may be. However, the presence of written documents and records such as the declaration of insured employment, health reports, identity information, address and criminal record information if requested, minutes and other determinations about the employee, statements and petitions, etc. in the employee’s personnel file will facilitate and expedite all kinds of work and transactions.

Permits to be obtained and qualification documents to be requested from workers in Turkey

According to the Labour Law and the relevant legislation, certain permits must be obtained or certain certificates or qualification certificates must be requested from the worker in Turkey who will carry out certain special tasks before they are employed.

For example, those who will be employed as workplace physicians or occupational safety experts will be required to obtain a certificate of workplace physician or occupational safety expertise, those who will be employed as private security guards will be required to obtain a training certificate, etc. Permission will be obtained from the relevant governorate to employ private security guards or from the relevant governorate for managers, administrators, teachers, expert instructors and master instructors to be employed in private education institutions.

These issues have been explained and analyzed in the relevant sections of the study, together with their details and annexes.

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